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Organizational and Service Opportunities in a ‘Wired Canada’

Presentation on Internet opportunities for settlement organizations. Presentation download

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Organizational Scorecard

Introduction to the organizational scorecard The organizational culture within Web Networks values consensus, participation, equity and contribution to social justice. The result is an organization with a unique non-profit organizational model, comprehensive and innovative services developed from a community development … Continue reading

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Intranet content outline

Web Networks: Communication and Information Needs The following is a quick listing of the information needs of Web Networks, both for the organization overall as well as for its various sub-units.  It may be useful as a guide for developing … Continue reading

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Y2K report

We adopt the following definition of compliance for those items that we test ourselves: ‘That the product or service is able to accurately process date data (including, but not limited to, calculating, comparing, and sequencing) from, into, and between December … Continue reading

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Note from Web ED to members

Thank you for being with Web Networks! As the Internet extends into more aspects of our daily lives, growing numbers of commercial interests try to develop the formula for online community. At Web Networks we have been supporting both face … Continue reading

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Staff presentation – WN growth

Implementing a growth strategy at Web Networks (4 key areas – internal , client, financial, learning) Client : – build on foundation clients – increase scale of client projects – build by reputation – track and report progress and resource … Continue reading

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Web Network analysis and general action plan

Options considered by staff : 1 – Hold Expenditures; Increase Revenues – ‘Slow death or slow recovery’ Temporary reduction in payroll expenses (using variants as investigated previously); shift as many staff as possible to development and project work; bring staff … Continue reading

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About Web Networks

Web Networks is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing the highest quality, most cost effective electronic communications tools to non-profit organizations across Canada. Web Networks strives to create a just work environment for its employees and to promote fair and … Continue reading

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Financial situation

Simon presented a detailed analysis of current and anticipated revenues and expenditures. Past and current figures, through to December are extremely accurate. Projections to the end of the FY in March 31/99 are based simply on statistical trends and not … Continue reading

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Web Networks Exec Dir interview

“Given what you know about Web Networks and your experience in other organizations, how would you undertake the necessary organizational development? What sort of structures and/or teams need to be in place in order for an organization to be efficient, … Continue reading

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