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Thanks for a very good 2 years

Will miss wringing the most out of the systems and your data collection efforts. This was my last day at Sandy Hill CHC. Two years ago I’d accepted a contract to help make NOD work for you. It was / … Continue reading

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Hubris and ‘get it done’ overcoming sound practice.

The investigation board’s report was released Wednesday [Feb. 26, 2014], blaming the leak and subsequent events on a complex combination of factors that included a misunderstanding of the subtleties of the suit’s operation in weightlessness to more troubling institutional issues … Continue reading

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Prioritizing project requirements and acknowledging trade-offs

Like many others we are currently facing project management challenges that strain everyone. Competing messages; deliverable overload; and unrealistic scheduling often create yet more friction and frustration. Identifying these and pushing back on them is healthy for the PM and … Continue reading

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Evidence Supported Practice

Attended a few sessions at the PART conference yesterday afternoon. Very stimulating presentation from Dr. Eileen Gambril. Some personally resonant take aways directly applicable to current BI work: Decisions in child welfare practice: What outcomes to seek? How to frame … Continue reading

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Bodies, Brains, Data

The combination of people, talent, and data contributed a large measure to the recent US presidential victory by a former community organizer. People committed to a cause, a hope, an alternative remain the necessary condition for change. What this campaign demonstates is … Continue reading

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Acknowledging Irene Druska’s service and skills

Irene Druska, a long standing QSR support team member retired recently. Many of you worked with Irene during her 20 years at CAS Toronto. Not wanting any special notice, she left quietly. As her supervisor during the past three and … Continue reading

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NIEM videos introduce benefits of standardizing data exchange Two videos, each less than 3 minutes long, provide a top level view to the benefits of standardized data exchange. I really like their emphasis on building the exchanges from multiple community sources and assisting stakeholders in understanding each … Continue reading

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