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NIEM videos introduce benefits of standardizing data exchange Two videos, each less than 3 minutes long, provide a top level view to the benefits of standardized data exchange. I really like their emphasis on building the exchanges from multiple community sources and assisting stakeholders in understanding each … Continue reading

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Requirements Gathering Techniques

To: Subject: [Sigia-l] Interesting & Effective Requirements Gathering Techniques? “I’m looking for interesting techniques for the requirements gathering of internal applications… specifically ones that involve levels of participatory design (our users are in-house and will participate as cross functional … Continue reading

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John Seeley Brown interview on learning Interview with former PARC director John Seeley Brown.

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Listservs, sharing and spamming

Posted to CSOCWORK Listservs pre-date web sites, blogs, wikis and other online content sources by many years. Together with newsgroups, they contain the early record of the internet conversation. One might even argue that the ratio of useful content to … Continue reading

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Designing data

This came via Ziya Oz of the SIGIA-L list. It will inspire anyone who wants to connect data to understanding.

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Integrating Systems – 10 years after

Ten years ago had the pleasure of returning to my hometown, Montreal, at the internaltional meeting of the Internet Society. Andrew Clement and I presented a paper, Sharing Integrated Computer Communications Among Non-Profit Organizations: The Case of Ontario’s Social Development … Continue reading

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Info dissemination feedback

A few years ago I helped a FIS student with her thesis on information dissemination. She finished and gave me this feedback. “…I did complete my thesis and I have attached a pdf copy for you. It is available on … Continue reading

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