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Remembering Heather Stecher

Heather is an advocate I will not forget. I say is because, although she left this earth January 3, 2021, I see her efforts at the Co-op in our efforts to improving accessibility, in our snow removal contracts, and in … Continue reading

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SOCWORK discussion list ending

I am grateful to Ogden and to the University for keeping this discussion going for all these years. The list started as a Social Planning class project at the University of Toronto, Faculty of Social Work (see – After leaving … Continue reading

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The Brickyard: The Life, Death, and Legend of an Urban Neighbourhood

The diorama at the Lynn museum memorializes urban life, neighbourhood, and a waterfront destroyed by the progress of urban renewal. Of course, one can now drive the Lynnway without a care for the past. The empty lots and greenspace … Continue reading

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Ottawa Rooming House Report Card

Plenty of rooming houses in the neighbourhood of Somerset West CHC, where I’m currently assisting with analytics and the health records system. They exist in every community. Some are run by responsible people looking to help both themselves and the … Continue reading

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Communities work with co-operation and leaders like Ronny Yaron The St Lawrence Neighbourhood is by many measures a great success. That success comes from a combination of community and political will power. What the article misses is that Ronny Yaron and many others like her have spent countless … Continue reading

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Reflections on policy, organizations and people during technological change

I’m still amazed how everyone at the then OPC gave us the motivation, space and patience to adapt and apply rapidly changing technology to growing a people network. Data and connections are now part of almost everything. In my view, … Continue reading

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Better Beginnings, Better Futures Position Paper

After 25 years, BBBF has published an impressive position paper  BBBF Position Paper-Nov2015final. My contribution to this long term research project was setting up communications, reporting and accounting systems in the original 12 community locations.  Eight of these continue to operate. … Continue reading

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Visiting Hull House – child health is an historic concern

While in Chicago for the Bluesfest, Sue and I visit Hull House – a mecca for those of us committed to community run services. It operated from 1889 to 2012. The neighbourhood around it changed from rail and stockyard workers … Continue reading

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Today’s New York Times blog post on inequality shows that children from families in the 90th percentile – the top 10% in income – do better in school. No real surprise. What may be less commonly known is that the … Continue reading

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Less tells you more

The real numbers can be overwhelming. This famous summary puts our status in perspective. If the World were 100 People infographic by KVSStudio.

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