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Service Tracking Application – Documentation Release

Work on this application for the Ontario Health Promotion Resources System started in 2002. Quite the challenge to capture and report the activities and resources of such a diverse membership. From chronic health to social determinants and from personal to social … Continue reading

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A socio-technical information infrastructure for health promotion in Ontario

The goal of this infrastructure development initiative is to combine the efficiency of a market perspective with the comprehensive, collaborative and broad perspective of health promotion organizations and public initiatives in Ontario in order to effect healthy change. In order … Continue reading

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Hazards of early DB release

HOW DO WE HANDLE A PARTICIPANT WHO WITHDRAWS FROM THE CONFERENCE? Obviously, when someone withdraws we want to make sure that they do not appear as attendees at workshops, meals or in the participant directory. To take someone out go … Continue reading

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Report on system examination and training session

This summarizes my initial review of your information system and provides some suggestions for further development and training. The specifications as initially submitted have been met with the exception of minor items now in progress. The primary program administrative workstation is equipped … Continue reading

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WordPerfect 5 Training

WP5.1 training Continue reading

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Cheap GIS

The no-cost, most immediate solution which I have so far is an ASCII file on the way from Municipal Affairs. This file provides a county – municipality match for all of Ontario. I spoke with Troung about writing a short … Continue reading

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Prevention Congress IV prep

I will pick up, deliver and setup the loaned server, 3 3com stations, and 2 stand alone computers on Mon Nov. 13 in the morning. If there are additional items, please leave them on the Board room table on Friday … Continue reading

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