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Reflections on policy, organizations and people during technological change

I’m still amazed how everyone at the then OPC gave us the motivation, space and patience to adapt and apply rapidly changing technology to growing a people network. Data and connections are now part of almost everything. In my view, … Continue reading

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Texting and youth services policy

I suggest that service policy focus NOT on specific media or technologies — the local expert does need to have full grasp of these. Instead focus on ‘safe and reasonable’ communications. Unlike business supported devices and channels (BBM, Yammer, SMS), … Continue reading

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Bodies, Brains, Data

The combination of people, talent, and data┬ácontributed a large measure to┬áthe recent US presidential victory by a former community organizer. People committed to a cause, a hope, an alternative remain the necessary condition for change. What this campaign demonstates is … Continue reading

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Solutions Health Collaborative on WP

Assisted the Solutions Health Collaborative move from a Community Server platform to a WordPress site. The ubiquity of public, commodified social networking sites changes the value proposition for non-profit inter-organizational networks and coalitions. Those that simply want to share resources … Continue reading

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Starting Tumblr

Blogging is loosing adherents and cache. Too bad. I guess the value of a page long thought isn’t what it used to be. And I don’t criticize for it. Some of us need more time to get it. Perhaps the … Continue reading

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Top Posts on Community Corner

After closing itscooperative, I did a quick analysis of the top posts in our Community Corner application. Discussion forums focused on best practices for use of this platform. Using online engagement tools and receiving user feedback were the top interests. … Continue reading

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Advocacy 1-3-3

Attention spans and windows are decreasing. The impact of that trend on social action and public policy is taking shape. Healthy Rivers is one group riding the current.

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