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Rideau River Walk

Since last August, Sue and I have been living 50 metres from the Rideau River. Our Conservation Co-operative is blessed with greenery. On a day like today going to work is more meditation than walk. Moving alongside the river, nature’s … Continue reading

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Maximum value from human services IT

In 2012, the American Public Human Services Association (APHSA) released a 20 page report, Achieving Maximum Value from HHS IT Systems. This report, co-authored with Microsoft, summarizes challenges and and best practice solutions to transforming human service IT. 35 states … Continue reading

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Solutions Health Collaborative on WP

Assisted the Solutions Health Collaborative move from a Community Server platform to a WordPress site. The ubiquity of public, commodified social networking sites changes the value proposition for non-profit inter-organizational networks and coalitions. Those that simply want to share resources … Continue reading

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WHO Health Promotion Glossary: new terms

A bit dated, but still resonating with the core of health promotion. Required reading for practitioners. One of the best answers to the question, ‘What is health promotion?’ Burden of disease — capacity building — evidence-based health promotion — global … Continue reading

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States of Aging and Health

Where can you find out that Vermont seniors rank number 1 in eating more than 5 fruits and veggies a day while Mississippi ranks last? Or that Hawaii seniors rank best with the lowest number of ‘frequent mental distress’ days … Continue reading

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NYC Dept. of Health puts out with edgy web media

Maybe the site is still too new. Don’t know why the no-name URL But it’s worth a look. Both the site and the project it promotes are great examples of applying new media to get the health message out … Continue reading

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John Seeley Brown interview on learning Interview with former PARC director John Seeley Brown.

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