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Heart and Stoke community directory

Heart and Stroke Foundation of Nova Scotia commissioned a custom online directory of health promotion programs. It also included a Community Corner feature to promote interaction among provider. Users search by clicking on Nova Scotia counties, by category, and by … Continue reading

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Teaching many to many relationships

Found that understanding and implementing a many to many relationship in a database were among the most difficult expectations of my students. The attached handout from a Dec 2001 article MS Office Pro helped considerably. Article download

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White Plains Community That Cares – survey results

ITScooperative contracted to deliver: Modification of an open-source MS Access database, AYS2000, done by Duane Hookum, to administer the community capacity/needs assessment. Modifications include form for respondent entry. Conversion of questions to fit application processing capabilities. Testing of input and … Continue reading

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Home page Record details page using web services API to display location Program records are exported to XML format and available via permitted API. Mapping feature feature permits geographical proximity searching (below). See for additional details. SPIDataModelV2

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Designing Search and Search Help

 Perspective The online user must find what she wants quickly, accurately and precisely. The problem is as old as information records. Both information technology and the underlying sciences are still searching for an optimal solution. We want our product to … Continue reading

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ONF website features

Features and technical platform for the Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation website. The following are from the site under development. Features presentation download

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New features in Contact Manager / Network Builder app

Based on feedback from users of the Service Tracking / Contact / Network Builder application developed for OHPRS, two improvements appear in the next release of the application. The Contact Manager / Network Builder nicely assigns individuals to organizations. When … Continue reading

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Stroke Prevention Initiative Options – a technical paper

In its brief history, the Stroke Prevention Initiative rapidly assembled a broad range of primary and secondary prevention resources important to stroke. The working results demonstrate the combined capabilities of a robust information infrastructure available from Ontario’s Health Promotion Resource … Continue reading

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Information and DB Coordination project

The Ontario Health Promotion Resource System (OHPRS) is starting its Information and Database Coordination Project. Resource Centres and Key Associates make unique contributions to the health of Ontario and to other participants within this system. Service focus, clients, and methods … Continue reading

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Collecting project service data online

General options for online electronic input Creating a system for online input of electronic records can also be done in various ways. The data retrieval methods could all be carried out without requiring a change in current data collection. Unlike … Continue reading

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