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Child Protection Information Network

Toronto Star editorial promotes child welfare service standards “Meanwhile, a government-appointed commission concluded in 2012 that the child protection system does not provide value for money, and described services as “fragmented, confused and siloed.” Its recommendations included creating a centralized computer system to standardize inconsistent data the … Continue reading

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SAMS – a caution for CPIN? Large system implementations frequently go over budget, fail to meet schedules and are pushed out the door because senior decision makers fail to recognize (or are not communicated) the seriousness of existing deficiencies. SAMS is another IBM system which … Continue reading

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CPIN Reporting: Intro and Analysis

ASM-CAST DB-HCAS AF-CAST Friday, November 21, 2014 Background Halton and CAST are active participants of the CPIN Reporting Group. This initiative is a joint analysis and review of CPIN-Cognos Reporting functions and the pre-built standard reports. The legacy information management … Continue reading

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Putting children not schedules at the centre of systems development

Trainers identify common case management situations with potential confusion regarding recording requirements and supervisory notifications for approval. April-15-14 Trainers Question: ” When recording a departure, does this need to be done through both a contact log (type – approved departure) … Continue reading

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Maximum value from human services IT

In 2012, the American Public Human Services Association (APHSA) released a 20 page report, Achieving Maximum Value from HHS IT Systems. This report, co-authored with Microsoft, summarizes challenges and and best practice solutions to transforming human service IT. 35 states … Continue reading

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Participatory Design in professional practice

Was invited back to UofT Faculty of Information Studies to present cases using participatory design.  I chose to discuss the Ontario Health Promotion Resource System, the Canadian Health Network, and my current responsibilities with the Children’s Aid Society of Toronto. … Continue reading

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