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Ethical and legal responsibility for responsible, effective and efficient use of capital in all its forms – natural, social, organizational, human, and financial.

Hubris and ‘get it done’ overcoming sound practice.

The investigation board’s report was released Wednesday [Feb. 26, 2014], blaming the leak and subsequent events on a complex combination of factors that included a misunderstanding of the subtleties of the suit’s operation in weightlessness to more troubling institutional issues … Continue reading

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Evidence Supported Practice

Attended a few sessions at the PART conference yesterday afternoon. Very stimulating presentation from Dr. Eileen Gambril. Some personally resonant take aways directly applicable to current BI work: Decisions in child welfare practice: What outcomes to seek? How to frame … Continue reading

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NIEM videos introduce benefits of standardizing data exchange Two videos, each less than 3 minutes long, provide a top level view to the benefits of standardized data exchange. I really like their emphasis on building the exchanges from multiple community sources and assisting stakeholders in understanding each … Continue reading

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Nothing is free

“You Must Enable Cookies… In order to take this survey, you must enable cookies on your browser.  It’s easy to do – just follow these simple instructions. (Please note: We use cookies in a responsible manner.  Please review our privacy … Continue reading

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Disseminating Quality Information

We regularly monitor information and knowledge dissemination services. This one comes from the Quality Tools website of the US Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. This recent notification of updates provides an excellent example of packaging, summarizing, and disseminating specialized, … Continue reading

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The Business Elite, The New Masses; and The Urban Crisis By Robert H. Bohlke

The following is from a handout provided by Robert H. Bohlke, one of my Sociology professors at American International College – A man of passion and reason who contributed both to student sensibilities. The Business Elite, “The New Masses” and … Continue reading

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Small-Business Men Called Obstacle to Reform

The New York Times, Sunday, November 24, 1968 by John Leo Liberals and radicals who view big business as the chief obstacle to social reform have the right instincts but the wrong villain according to Robert Heibroner, the economist. “The … Continue reading

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