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Perfect weekend

Just the perfect week-end. Wnuczek Charlie shared his birthday weekend to celebrate a delayed Father’s Day. Daughter Lisa and son Simon gifted a Magic Mouse for my MacBook Pro purchased last year. I was getting better with the trackpad, but, … Continue reading

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Remember the 215 children

When they buried the children What they didn’t know They were lovingly embraced By the land Held and cradled by a mother’s heart The trees wept for them, with the wind They sang mourning songs, their mothers didn’t know to … Continue reading

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Spring smile

The springtime of your smile saves  Uprooting and rejection by storm winds  Bringing loving hope to a new shelter Where the avowed purpose continues And blooms during summer Nourishing readiness for a new future And lifetime of next springs

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St. Francis Alumni Mass – 2021

For the third year in a row, I was unable to attend the St. Francis Alumni Memorial Mass. After more than a dozen years of annual attendance, most times with my friend John Macmillan, a schedule change made attending impossible. … Continue reading

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Bye Bye Bytown

Soon after moving to Ottawa in the summer of 2015, Sue and I discovered the Bytown Cinema. Located across the street from the Sandy Hill Community Health Centre, Sue would walk from our home to meet me after work. This … Continue reading

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Remembering Heather Stecher

Heather is an advocate I will not forget. I say is because, although she left this earth January 3, 2021, I see her efforts at the Co-op in our efforts to improving accessibility, in our snow removal contracts, and in … Continue reading

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SOCWORK discussion list ending

I am grateful to Ogden and to the University for keeping this discussion going for all these years. The list started as a Social Planning class project at the University of Toronto, Faculty of Social Work (see – After leaving … Continue reading

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South East Ontario Covid Loyalist Getaway

This side of the Ottawa and St. Lawrence Rivers is one of the major settlement areas for losing side Loyalists from the American Revolution. In my view, the American Revolution was the first Civil War. It wasn’t Americans vs British. … Continue reading

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Tony Shoes – Montreal landmark closing

Woke up this past Sunday looking forward to spending Father’s Day with the grandkids. Part of each morning’s ritual is a flip through Facebook. Mixed in with the tributes to dads was a notice from Tony Shoes in Montreal. Anthony … Continue reading

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The Plague again

A yellowed paperback has been on my bookshelf for a while. This 1948 translation of the 1947 “La Peste”, “The Plague” by Albert Camus done by Stuart Gilbert is dated not just physically but also linguistically. Nonetheless, if there was … Continue reading

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