Perfect weekend

Just the perfect week-end. Wnuczek Charlie shared his birthday weekend to celebrate a delayed Father’s Day. Daughter Lisa and son Simon gifted a Magic Mouse for my MacBook Pro purchased last year. I was getting better with the trackpad, but, as a life long mouse user, still frustrating myself with clumsy moves.

In a totally unexpected move, Lisa and Sue watched Godzilla vs Kong with the boys and me! Out on Apple TV; too early for rental, they purchased it. Now we can watch it again and again to uncover depths and nuances missed — especially during my brief nap :) .

Charlie, now 15, was showing moustache, chin and sideburn growth. Couldn’t let him start his Counselor in Training summer job without a perfect groom. What a honour to instruct him on the intricacies of sliding a razor across the face. Results approved by the ladies in the house.

Thank you family in Ottawa and Toronto. You are the best.



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