Owen’s First Holy Communion

Owen1stHolyCommunionLife brings blessings small and great. This morning I enjoy the last of the St. Viateur Bagels Sue packed for our Toronto trip. Many years ago, Joel Verbin introduced me to the ‘poor man’s lox’, anchovies on bagel. Family support includes tolerance of little fish. We are sharing an AirBnb in Scarborough. Too many of us now for Simon’s house.

We are all together for Owen’s First Holy Communion today at St. John’s. Owen is a peacemaker in the school. He is the quiet, thoughtful observer. Theology and liturgy are the surface of practice. In the church basement classmates fidget while Fr. John gives final instructions. Cameras and smart phones capture digital memories without discrimination.

Owen’s part of the Prayer of the Faithful is for our planet. My prayer is that this generation will inherit it in good enough shape that they can turn around some of our mistakes.

Simon and Beth invite family and friends to dinner at the Beech Tree on Kingston Rd. We have the place to ourselves. Even if we did not, the energy of seven cousins who don’t see each other often enough would have cleared out other diners. Not only is it a wonderful social event, but a gourmet treat. The owner invites us to stay past the alloted time.

We share our ageing. Each moment becomes more precious for itself. Children become adults caring for other children. Now knowing that those responsible for their childhood memories face difficult decisions along with their own finality.

Tomorrow we drive to Washington where Lisa is part of a conference panel. Sue and I will tourist with the grandkids. Each moment brings its own blessings.


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