St. Francis Alumni Mass – 2014

Attendance a bit down this year. My son Simon, grandson Owen and I drove cautiously through the steady snow. Like last year, another strange question from the border guard, ‘Why are they coming with you?’. Maybe the obvious has changed.

Rooster's Cafe

Rooster’s Cafe

Breakfast at Rooster’s Cafe in Lackawanna is delicious. The endless cup of coffee very welcome. Overwhelmed by the poultry bric-a-brac, my grandson asks about all the chickens. The waiter tells us that each piece comes from a customer. They only thing missing is ‘a rooster in trunks’. The grandkids mission during the upcoming family vacation will be to locate this missing center piece.

A familiar core of attendees come every year. Most notable are a group of grads from the fifties. The rest are family and friends of those remembered. The list seems longer than usual this year.

Introducing grandson Owen to the tunnel.

Introducing grandson Owen to the tunnel.

After mass we explore the tunnel. Lighting and pipe coverage have taken away its nefarious charms. My son’s remark about the obvious marks of collisions at the entrance and the low height instantly flash a memory of John Riggs walking hunched over.

Next we enjoy brunch with Paul Bartell and Gerald Gorczyca. Paul and Gerry (Gork) are responsible for organizational development among other duties. Reunions are on that list. We discuss the order of the day; the responses received so far and the plans for an information packet from the school. The updated contact list will help with another update to my classmates from the class of 1964.

Before heading back to Toronto, the three of us explore the Lake Erie ice caves. “Dziadziu found a hole.” says Owen as I sink up to my waist. Next we try snowshoeing at the Tifft Nature Preserve. . Walking through fields with deer is magical. Friends won’t believe I visit Buffalo for its great winter outdoors. Oh yeah, and for wings from the Anchor. Before reaching home, we get two orders for take out.

Son Simon with grandson Owen on Lake Erie ice mound near Hoak's.

Son Simon with grandson Owen on Lake Erie ice mound near Hoak’s.

Snowshoeing at Tifft Nature Preserve.

Snowshoeing at Tifft Nature Preserve.


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