St. Francis Class of 1964 Reunion

On Friday, May 23, 2014 the class of 1964 re-unites to celebrate their graduation 50 years ago and the graduation of the current class of 2014.

Images and words about those days live largely in deteriorating paper, film and fading memories. The combination of WordPress and an iPhone enables the re-creation of the Crusader ’64 yearbook –

The site is dedicated to the St. Francis community of men, women, sisters, and friars of all ages. The ones who were St. Francis High School before we got there. To the ones who shared it in our time; and to the ones who will embody that spirit after us. The class of 1964 celebrates its 50th reunion in 2014. This is a reminder of what we were; what we are a half century later; and what we hope for the class of 2014 when they come together in 2064.

St. Francis High School Official Site

St. Francis High Athol Springs – Wikipedia


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