Today’s New York Times blog post on inequality shows that children from families in the 90th percentile – the top 10% in income – do better in school. No real surprise. What may be less commonly known is that the educational performance gap is also increasing over the middle class.

Many if not most middle class families probably believe their children’s education ‘gives them a shot’. Perhaps not as much as they think. They may also be surprised to learn this gap is showing up in other participation venues like organized recreation, volunteering and church.

Are we creating a society where productivity reigns while income and opportunity disparity grows?

The article provides strong evidence for supporting better pre-school child development including:
– Better and more day care taught by reasonably paid professionals,
– Play and face time activities that encourage cognitive development,
– Accessible community recreation and social activities.

It also shows why we need to question how we arrived here; where we need to go; and what might happen if we don’t change?


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