Evidence Supported Practice

Attended a few sessions at the PART conference yesterday afternoon. Very stimulating presentation from Dr. Eileen Gambril. Some personally resonant take aways directly applicable to current BI work:
Decisions in child welfare practice: What outcomes to seek? How to frame problems? How to evaluate risk? What assessment methods to use? What intervention methods to use? When and how to revaluate progress?

What we know about decision making:
Some decisions cause more harm than good.
Errors occur; avoidable and not.
Wide variety of policy and practice is an opportunity to test. Are they equally effective?

Bias, propaganda, politics, value conflicts, conflicts of interest, and scare resources challenge critical thinking and evidence informed practice.

Implementing evidence based practice:

1. Convert information needs into well structured questions.
2. Track down the best available evidence.
3. Critically appraise what you find.
4. Integrate appraisal with other info and make the decision together with client.
5. Evaluate results and try to improve.


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