St. Francis Alumni Mass – 2012

New diversityWe’re sitting at my end of the counter. Feels familiar even though almost 50 years have passed. Peg’s Place was a Howard Johnston’s back then.

John, I, and several other men look like we’ve been sitting here since the 60’s.

As always the breakfast is fabulous, and made better by speedy and friendly service. The coffee hot and topped up.

Several memories of sanctioned off-prop visits to HoJo’s. More memorable are night time stealths running from tree to tree to avoid detection. The residence/boarder program is restarted this year, probably without the same controls. I wonder what replaces the thrills of our times?

Several people we’ve come to enjoy regularly are not at Mass. Tony Kozlowski and Father Michael welcome us. Jim Michalek, the younger brother of Paul, a classmate, updates me on Paul and his moving of the law practice to West Seneca.

After Mass, we have coffee with Bob from the class of ’66. Bob lives in Blasdell, New York. He is honouring a classmate, Joe Kalafut. Joe and I shared a couple of years at St. Francis and later at St. Hyacinth College and Seminary. Bob shares with John a day-hop’s perspective on boarding students.

Coming every year for the past half dozen, we notice this pattern of a core of regulars and those honouring the memory of recently passed alumni from their class.

After visiting the kitchen where I learned how to cook for hundreds, and which is once again serving boarding students, we head off to shop.

Sue is annoyed with Barnes and Noble, the bookstore. She sends me with her formerly beloved Nook to see what can be done about the abrupt ending of digital downloads to Canada. I’d tried to settle this by phone with neither satisfaction or a manager’s call back. The young man at support acknowledges my problem, apologizes, and within minutes loads all of Sue’s book requests. When Pat, his manager, tells me that Tim Turner is a St. Francis Senior, I recant my praise of his customer service and half-jokingly say, “I expect nothing less from a Frannie’s student”.


Grill master at the Red Top

It’s time for a Red-Top hot dog. The wind keeps us inside where the lineup fills up with friendly banter. We leave scented by the wood charcoal responsible for the fabulous results.

After touring around downtown and Elmwood Village, we end up where it all started, chicken wings, that is, the Anchor Bar.


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