Ontario Child Welfare Startup Timeline

From ‘A Legacy of Caring – A history of the Children’s Aid Society in Toronto’  by John McCullagh and web sources:
1850’s – Fenton Cameron, physician, and wife Ann start trying to persuade Burnside Hospital to open home for destitute moms and kids (p22)
1870 – First Report of the News-Boys’ Lodging and Industrial Home for eleven months ending 31st March …
Sept 1, 1875 – Infants Home opens at what is now Elm St. (p22)
Feb 19, 1887 – J.J. Kelso delivers paper ‘The Necessity of a Society for the Prevention of Cruelty in Toronto’ – for BOTH children and animals
1888 – Kelso gets Ontario under Premier Mowat to pass the Children’s Protection Act of 1888  (p39)
July 21, 1891 – Meeting at McGill St. YMCA names 27 yr old JJ as first president of the Toronto Children’s Aid Society  (p41)
1919 – Vera Moberly appointed first Executive Secretary of the Infants Home (p34)

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