St. Francis Alumni Memorial Mass – 2010

John’s wife, Mary had an operation a few days ago. She needs him. For the first time in five years, I won’t be sharing the ‘boys school vibe’ . John attended Loyola in Montreal.

Thankfully Sue comes along. We pass on the usual roadside breakfast after a great stay at a downtown Buffalo hotel.

Sneaking out to the Athol Springs HoJo’s was a highlight of boarding student life. It is now Peg’s Place. My old spot remains at the side of the counter. I’ll be back.

Catholics rarely wear their faith. At the beginning of mass, several bikers enter. Each is wearing the colours of the Sons of God MC New Jerusalem. Later one of them tells me his younger brother was among today’s remembered.

After mass, Sue finally meets the family she knows through my stories. She fills in Gladys and her family on Mary’s recovery.

Tony Paliwoda and I exchanged several emails after I wrote about the impression left on me by his friendship with Gerry Morawski. He’d attended last year’s mass but we didn’t connect. This year I suggested that name tags might be a good idea.

Tony and wife Rosemary and Gerry’s wife Sue share memories of Gerry. The four of them met through St. Francis. Rosemary and Sue walked to many football games and practices to meetup with the boys. It was the beginning of a lifetime of love and friendship.


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