Top Posts on Community Corner

After closing itscooperative, I did a quick analysis of the top posts in our Community Corner application. Discussion forums focused on best practices for use of this platform. Using online engagement tools and receiving user feedback were the top interests.

PostSubject PostViews
Blog or Forum or ??? 3475
Community Corner Blogs – An organizational perspective 1821
File downloads for individuals 1288
Automatic Notification of Content Changes 1275
Getting feedback — rate comment poll 1199
File downloads for Administrators 1135
Alternative multi-option selection for meeting dates 1104
Second Choice for Next Meeting 1054
First Choice for Next Meeting 1021
How about a poll? 1011
File Downloads for the organization 991
Member Points System 860
Community Corner Blogs – A site administrator’s view 860
Community Corner Blogs – A user’s perspective 858
Readers, Rollers, RSS – An organizational view 855
Photo Gallery – Picturing the organization 840
Readers, Rollers, RSS – A site administrators view 837
Photo Gallery – A site administrator’s view 835
Introduction to the Service Tracking Application Training 814
Photo Gallery – An individual’s eye 764
Readers, Rollers and RSS – an individual’s perspective. 742
Welcome first visitors to the corner 623
Community Corner Forums – An administrator’s perspective 522
Community Corner Forums – An organizational perspective 497
Community Corner Forums – A user’s perspective 425


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