St. Francis Alumni Mass – 2007

Looking toward CanadaThe view is great. Lake Erie stretching out to Canadian shores. When homesick, I would stare out the third floor window, unconsciously reconciling the tensions. On one side the friendships of fellow boarders. On the other family, friends and far deeper familiarity.

The view now slightly altered by time and economy. Blazing smokestacks from Lackawanna’s Bethlehem Steel replaced by the recently completed windmill farm. America re-invents itself. Still not fast enough for either itself or the shared globe, but with glimmers of hope.

St. Francis High School Spring 2007Yesterday was another annual visit to St. Francis High School in Athol Springs, NY for the alumni memorial Mass. I plan on attending until appearing on the list. This year, John MacMillan came along. Also a graduate from an all-boys school, Loyola in Montreal, he understands the unique vibe of that environment.

Like last year, I enjoyed another great conversation with Louis and Gladys. Louis, SFHS class of 1942, told us about inviting my old friend and roomate, Mitch Biskup, to play for “…our 40th wedding anniversary, 20 years ago…” – certainly a phrase rarely heard in conversation. To witness the energy, sparkle and affection that came with it made the trip.

John and I also met two other Anthony’s, one from ’59 (sorry, forgot lovely wife’s name) and another from ’75. Two area alumni who contribute actively to a spirit bigger than any of us.

Athol Springs NY Red TopAnd, as always, the stop at the Red Top for great road food, neighbourliness, and service.


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