Savvy companies encroaching on non-profit turf

At various times in our lives we seek help and information. It may be for ourselves, our family member or a friend. Many non-profit human service organizations exist just to respond to these needs. Some use the web intelligently, most focus on the voice on the phone or the face in front of them. Diligent ‘outreach’ and ‘social marketing’ efforts attempt to extend the awareness of available services. With rare exception, the individual organization or specific service is the focus of these efforts.

Commercial marketing, backed by greater resources and more focused on capturing attention, is increasingly tapping into the ‘drivers’ in our lives. They use the power of the web, the statistics of search, and our predictable needs to establish a relationship that may turn into a sale.

Caregiving is a major life driver. At one time or another each of us is likely to be a giver or a recipient. Solid advice and commentary appears at There are banner ads, but only in the disclaimer could we find a link to the corporate sponsorship. “The views expressed in this blogsite are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the official policy, position, or opinions of Philips Lifeline.”

Except for some questionable RSS feeds, it is a very credible effort. The sad truth is that there are many organizations involved with caregiving, who could do a far better job. Working together on an informational blog on a topic they know better than anyone, they could direct people to locally available non-profits and proven caregiving supports.


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