SIGIA-L request sent: November 13, 2006 10:38 AM

We’re working on a site targeting young, mostly web savvy people and trying to maintain a clean feel (no scrollbars littering various overfowing divs) without affecting the usability. …Does anyone know of any interesting research on this, or have any comments or examples?”
My reply:

While there is certainly research about every form of navigation, in this instance, the question may be, ‘Does the navigation work for the audience and purpose?’

If the purpose of this site is to attract young people with sight and sounds from new artists, then it may well work. Coupled with a notification service

– sms? – that new content is available, the focus of the site may keep them coming back regularly to experience and sample fresh offerings from Sony-Ericsson.

Provided the list of available items isn’t too long (and that would require audience testing before definition), the previous / next navigation might be enough. As the name implies, it’s about buzz.


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