Listservs, sharing and spamming

Posted to CSOCWORK
Listservs pre-date web sites, blogs, wikis and other online content sources by many years. Together with newsgroups, they contain the early record of the internet conversation. One might even argue that the ratio of useful content to noise is substantially better in the earlier records. Listservs stay valued by the many when they satisfy that sense of ‘worth looking at’.

That someone wants to re-use CSOCWORK content is a sign of its’ value.

Problems arise when information posted in one venue appears in another, when our understanding fair use collides with others, and when identifying information increases the spam noise we have to filter out.

Listserv software supports not only the one-to-many emailing we all know, but message archiving, archive searching, and even automatic retrieval of a nicely formatted list of participants’ emails.

The bottom line is that regardless of our individual expectations, any contribution can and does quickly become publicly accessible far beyond CSOCWORK. Humans trolling for addresses and automated programs harvesting emails readily extract that information.

The ethics and courtesy of Edward Blackmore’s asking for permission has to be acknowledged.

I support Barbara Neilson’s recommendations that students be encouraged to participate here, a slightly more open forum (182 participants). Responding to, commenting on and analyzing previous posts is always fair here.

Best of all we might all learn something!


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