Info dissemination feedback

A few years ago I helped a FIS student with her thesis on information dissemination. She finished and gave me this feedback.

“…I did complete my thesis and I have attached a pdf copy for you. It is available on the FIS website under Darla Ellen Fraser, Information, Parenting and Childhood Development. I presented the results at a conference in April 2005 – The Expanding Horizons for the Early Years. And a short article appeared in the IMPrint – Fall 2005 issue.

Interestingly results did not show what I had expected – that parents that are actively seeking information were more knowledgeable about child development (this was supported) and therefore better parents. What I did find was that parents with a positive attitude towards their role as parents reported more positive parenting interactions.

That study was done in 2003 and I have just begun a follow-up study for the Public Health Unit – actually it is back from the field (387 responses received back out of the 600 sent out!) the survey was virtually the same so I am looking forward to identifying changes in the community. …”



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