Integrating video and text

The use of online video is increasing. One of the projects we work with engages young people in developing anti-tobacco messages. With great ideas and advanced visual literacy, these young people are unable to fully express themselves. Their current platform does not support the video integration they know how to produce. Taking up the challenge, we developed this demonstration to show how easy it is with Community Corner.

Several years ago two of us worked on a commercial continuing education site,, which pioneered the integration of multi-channel online learning in Canada. That experience demonstrated the value of combining multiple channels to reach learners. What was advanced then, is now within reach of the many.

This WHO video is pulled from Google. We could just as easily have stored and downloaded a video on our own web site.

Playing video inside a web page relies on the browser having certain capabilities. In this demonstration, the viewer must have a flash player plug in.  Video files are large. High speed connections are essential and high quality monitor and sound equipment important to a satisfying experience.

Enjoy the show — it’s interesting — and brief.


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