Organizer’s notebook started

Added a new category. Organizer’s Notebook is about community work experiences. After each project I organize and file papers, clippings, calendars and notes. When I first came to Toronto, many people in Regent Park thought the real purpose for my community work was either political ambition or to write about them. I promised that if any writing did occur it wouldn’t be for at least 10 years after leaving their community. And I would always respect personal confidences.

It’s been much longer. Email communications with Sean Purdy, then a PhD student at Queen’s helped start this category. His thesis on Canadian activism has a chapter on Regent Park. As the current demolition dramatically illustrates, 60 years after its’ start, Regent Park continues to be the great Canadian social housing experiment.


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  1. mielniczuk says:

    External links inevitably fail. Originally, the above linked to the plan for Regent Park.

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