Tony Barnicle for Missouri State Rep

Why would I be supporting someone in Missouri? Tony Barnicle may be running for a seat there, but his values belong to all of us interested in neighbourhoods and community. Tony was the Director of the Brightwood Economic Development Office in the early 70’s. Sue and I were beginning our family living in Brightwood. I worked in the area as a community organizer.

Tony was instrumental in establishing a credit union and in supporting several local business efforts. While I was organizing people around housing and related issues, he was helping them get economic power.

The current newsletter Tony and Lorraine send out regulary, Droppings, announced his candidacy. My support is also a way of saying thank you to Tony for helping me understand the importance of sound local economics. One of the efforts he helped start was Chores Services. Tony hired me to start this home handyman/cleaning service for elderly and disabled .

One of my limitations, among many, was the lack of accounting experience. Tony patiently taught me double-entry bookkeeping. Learning to do it manually, BC (before computers), helped me to understand it better. The lessons applied themselves many times over in various management, consulting and development projects. Today, I occasionally teach a system design course to Accounting and Business students at Ryerson University.

More importantly, however, Tony helped me see the need for careful accounting of the choices we make about where to spend time, money, and community capital. Brains, bucks and ballots can make a healthy change in any community when aligned to complementary goals.

Take a look at Tony and Lorraine’s life is worth the read. Also feel free to send him a buck or two. He’ll use it better than anyone I know.


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