Mapping life long learning

Staying grounded is not just figurative with me. Getting a mental picture of the physical place that holds us up has always been important to me. This interest in reflected in my map collecting habits, planning and artistic drawings of communities, and, more recently, in the ability to link databases to mapping software.

People want accessible resources. The net is one form, but sometimes we need to see where a place is in relation to us, or how to get there from here.

The net is increasingly being used to re-introduce us to what is local, or what was once local. One of the more interesting services is Virtual Earth. Places can appear as maps, as high aerial photos, or as low-flying birds eye views.

Thought it would be interesting to map out my personal life long learning path and share it with you. At the time of this writing, this is a beta system. Sometimes it takes a while to open my mapping collection. As an alternative, create your own at


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