Blogs – An organizational perspective

Web logs or blogs provide organizations with instant communication and information sharing to their stakeholders. The range of items covered can be as broad as the organizational mission and the tone as informal or formal as comfortable.

Blogging provides unique advantages to an organization:

  • An organization can provide an instant web voice for any community group, advocate, or project.
  • Blogs are set up in less than 5 minutes without programming. Each blog can have its own unique design or skin. The most recent blog postings and display on the home page.
  • Internal teams and restricted projects can have a blog that is only visible to permitted participants.
  • The level of interaction and commentary can be set differently for each blog. For example, an organization may require login for viewing and commenting on a organizational blog, but encourage anonymous comment and public viewing for an outreach project blog.
  • Individual blogs can have lists of related links.
  • Individual posting can instantly attach a poll to collect feedback.
  • Built in searching that can focus on all or just some blogs.
  • Built in RSS and Atom syndication for automatic information sharing between web sites.
  • The organization is fully in control of both platform and content without unwanted advertising.

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