Using org structure for web structure

To add my voice to the chorus chanting that the organizational structure is one way of looking at the organization, I agree that it serves the function of informing those who interact with the organization directly, not simply with its products or services.

Most of my working life has been with not-for-profit and public sector enterprise clients. They work and survive by building and maintaining strong inter-organizational networks. Many of their users are not only those looking for services or wishing to donate, but others (potential funders, competitors, volunteers, etc.) looking to learn about their organization.

There is a tendency among many of these to emphasize their organizational credentials over their services. Frequently we find ourselves in discussions trying to clarify the priorities of the site and examining ways to satisfy diverse intents.

Some ‘picture’ of any public sector or voluntary organization does seem to be necessary. Convincing an organization that it is not the emphasis for either content or navigation is sometimes difficult.

[posted to Sigia-l by A.S.M.]


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