Service Tracking Application – Documentation Release

Work on this application for the Ontario Health Promotion Resources System started in 2002. Quite the challenge to capture and report the activities and resources of such a diverse membership. From chronic health to social determinants and from personal to social policy – agreeing on language, necessary data items and standardized reporting required many minds, meetings and reviews.

This is our first Intelligent Accountability (c) product. It integrates a member profile manager, staff directory, reporting terminology module, a request module, service functions, advanced reporting capabilities, and a contact/network builder designed for collaboration.

Members have 4 options:

  1. Complete package: use all modules as an integrated application to handle all OHPRS service operations and reporting requirements.
  2. Limited tracking: use only the service tracking components to manage requests and service functions.
  3. Summary Reporting: directly enter summary service data from an existing in-house system to produce periodic summaries of reach by region and sector.
  4. Output Specification: using the system technical specifications to produce identical reporting output for system-wide and future evaluations.

The full application ensures assignment of service requests; flags unfinished work; and provides the basis for internal analysis and system-wide evaluation. Robust reporting provides fast, accurate and consistent information across conceptual and geographic regions of health promotion. It identifies high and low demand areas and emerging questions.

Members may subdivide the standardized classifications into finer definitions then automatically roll up results for association wide consistency. Ad-hoc ‘tagging’ and reporting on request records supports the application of new perspectives.

Skilled Excel users appreciate the integration with the Service Tracking application for advanced analysis. Outlook users  automatically forward OHPRS reports to the association.

The full user documentation is available here:     OHPRS_ServiceTracking_UserDocumentation_FullV1-7

Also available are:
a preparatory self-assessment guide – Self Assess Guide
and quick start guide – Operator Quick Start


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