Christmas 2004

Christmas 2004 a bit spread out. First a celebration with Simon and Beth and Monique and Brian. Next week a delayed Christmas with full family when Lisa comes for a brief stay. We kept our promise to her and held up almost all of the gift opening until she arrives.

Christmas is marked by some memorable small moments of spirit and joy. There was the jazz musician (sorry, I forgot your name) who sat at a full concert piano in the middle of the Eaton Centre. He was there shopping, but the tune he carried had to be let go. Most walked by without even looking. His mellow rendition of several old standards was my unexpected gift.

The lineup in the card shop was long and impatient. At one of the check outs, a young sales clerk refused to match any surliness. With floppy Santa hat, an irresistable smile, and a cheery ‘Happy Christmakah’ she coaxed a reluctant response from almost every one.

Each night when walking Sam, I see our 8th fl. lights and feel the warmth inside.

Christmas Day we visited our friends the Macmillans. For many years we shared a street. During those years, Mary, John and family would decorate the block with glowing candle bags. It is an image and story that our children will share many years after us. Now the bagged candles light their driveway and welcome all.


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