Stillness, speed and understanding

Curiosity and scepticism motivated last weeks visit to The Yoga Lounge. Sue wanted to try it. I went along. Both of us felt too good not to return this week and pay in advance for a handful of passes. I’ve never been nimble of body. Still not, but the instructed moves and guidance give me great energy as well as a different focus on parts well known. ‘Breathe into the ribs of your back.’ ‘Let your tongue soften.’

As this technology accelerates our expectations and changes our behaviours, the growing interest in stillness and focus is a wonderful counter. Often when working on a tear it is difficult to understand that stopping and focusing on one gesture, breath, word or phrase may be the best way forward.

Meditation. Oneness with life around us. Careful reflection on the smallest pattern may provide the best insight to the entire picture. Monastic and religious orders have built and sustained communities with these practices for thousands of years. The Lectio Divina is one well developed approach. Perhaps your yogi excludes a divine dimension; the practice still applies. Take a moment. Take a breath. Alone. Together.


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