Letter to the Municipality of Killarney Ontario

Just returned from another great mini-getaway spent in Killarney Village and Park. I will be walking around downtown Toronto proudly wearing my Herbert Fisheries T-Shirt!

I was surprised, however, by the low key approach to promoting your unique and beautiful local sites. For example, for a newcomer there is no readily visible pointer to the Lighthouse. It is far too easy to drive down the street without noticing the Museum and Jail.

The collection at the Museum contains both the every day and the intensely personal items that help us link to the life and times of Killarney’s pioneers. I would recommend a small catalogue of highlight items that visitors can obtain in various parts of the village.

Sadly, the Jail is neglected. Someone mentioned that it did have a guide in the past. The story of the jail is very interesting, but I suspect many miss the building entirely because of the lack of signage. Considering the large number of day trippers who come through the village during the summer, perhaps you could raise some operating revenue by staffing both museum and jail with personnel in period (~1900) costume and offering a ‘dollar a minute’ jail stay with optional jail cell photo and T shirt sales ‘Property of Killarney Jail’ ‘I did time at Killarney Jail’, etc. My sense is that on the weekends especially, people would pay enough to cover the staffing and related expenses.

At the very least, please invest in better signage to the wonderful attractions of Killarney.

Lastly, there is a curious lack of cross promotion between web sites on Killarney. None of the commercial sites nor your official municipality site reference the very interesting http://www.killarneyhistory.com That site does at least have a business directory listing.

Again, thank you to all who contribute to the spirit and place of Killarney. It is a treasure for Canada, for the people of the First Nations and Metis, for the descendents of settlers, for newcomers, and for visitors.



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