Hull, UK demonstrates application of enterprise CRM to citizen services

Great public service site!

Found your site by way of reference in a text that I am teaching this term, Information Technology and Applications. The course is at the Faculty of Information Studies, Univ. of Toronto. The text is Essentials of MIS, 5th Edition. Laudon & Laudon.

A short case presents the use of CRM for citizen services. In looking at your site, I find that your innovation extends to a nicely designed web site which combines the regulatory with political, economic and community. A minor criticism is that getting to the main ‘home’ page is not always evident.

If you have design, development or evaluation materials that are available for student use, I would love to have a team delve further into your apparent success. Should you not wish these to be publicly referenced, please let me know.

Among questions of interest:

– initial motivations and actions leading to your current site
– engagement of municipal and citizen stakeholders in online service development
– selection of particular IT components
– impact on city operations
– citizen usage and other reactions

Also, if there are CRM inks between online and other service channels, these would make for an interesting case on innovative public services.

—– response from Lee Kirk, Hull Service Development Manager:


thank you for showing interest in our web site and also the CRM technology that we use.

The Council started a call centre to take all calls from members of the public, as historically Councils are poor at communicating with customer requirements.  We now take 16000 calls per week and use Oracle Workflow to send service requests electronically from the Call Centre to the Service Areas for actioning.

We use Oracle 11.55 version on CRM and intend to upgrade to version 11.58 with an LG45 adaptor to make our scripting more flexible.  LG45 stands for Local Government in 45 Days and is a Public Sector flavoured version of CRM that would be used by Call Centres and Customer Service Centres in Public Services and Local governments.

Some underlining statistics that you may find of interest are:

Number of Citizens in Hull 260,000
Number of Properties 160,000
Number of Council Owned Properties that are rented to the public 35,000
Number of Repairs carried out to those properties each year 86,000
Number of Residents requiring service from the Council each year, 850,000
Current customer satisfaction is running at 98% with the call centre taking calls on behalf on the Council

Hope this helps, If I can be of more assistance please do not hesitate in contacting me.  I do not have any publications that I can send you, but I will endeavour to find answers to your questions.

Lee Kirk Service Development Manager Hull City Council
Hull England
44 1482 613100


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