Prototyping in practice – Todd Zaki Warfel

Found this 23 mins. Vimeo video on rapid design. Here’s the outline of the presentation.

1. Sketch
2. Bring lots of ideas together
3. Share with the team Iterate/Repeat
4. Figure out what to prototype Why?
work through a design
communicate concepts
sell an idea
guage tech feasibility
test concepts with customers
5. Bring it to life

8 Guiding Principles
1. Know your audience and intent.
2. Plan a little. Prototype the rest.
3. Set expectations. What’s in/out.
4. You CAN sketch.
5. It’s not the Mona Lisa.
6. If you can’t make it fake it. (Can’t code; simulate.)
7. Prototype only what you need.
8. (missing, but in the book)

Warfel has a book about prototyping:


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