Time, place and memories

First the noise of metal, then a van turning much too quickly into the Goodwill parking lot on Jarvis. When he snaps off the guard post I realize that he has lost control. More metal noises. Sam and I run up the street to see the van smoking, smashed into a large truck. A man runs from a pickup truck to the side of the van. Looks inside. Throws something at the window. My first reaction is that he is angry at what appears to be careless driving. My initial assessment is way off. He smashes the driver side window open. Opens the door and starts CPR.

Another man next to me is on the cell phone asking for the intersection name. The first to arrive are two tow trucks, then the police and in minutes both fire and ambulance. The parking lot attendant’s car blocks the van’s headlong path into the booth and four or five workers enjoying their regular AM smoke and chat. We all realize how differently this could have turned out.

Some mornings Sam and I walk past the parking entrance on our way to Mystic Muffins for a morning treat. Thankfully, today we did not. Timing and location.

Our walks today are more hyper-vigilant than usual. In 1996 our position was not so fortunate. Today’s experience brings back memories and gives reason for deep breaths, thanks.


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