Thanks for 20+ wonderful years of life in the village

Twenty some years ago, when we were both thirty-something and our children, Lisa and Simon, in early elementary grades, our landlord died. We had to find a new home. Wilton Street became that home. It was the last two bedroom unit available in Woodsworth. Our children gave up their individual bedrooms and learned the joys of sharing and bunk beds ( obtained from Liz McCloud). After three years, we moved to George St., and 12 years ago to our current Albert Franck unit.

Watching toddlers become noisy street players, then young people who both delight and sometimes annoy, and later independent members with families of their own is literally a once in a lifetime opportunity. We are blessed in having lived that opportunity in the urban village called Woodsworth.

Our own children benefitted tremendously. Simon became a young man with a wonderful wife and a great downtown job. He delighted in seeing his office from the living room window of his and Beth’s George St. unit and his home from his office. One year ago they moved into their own home in the Beaches.

Lisa volunteered at the then Ceci’s Homes in Cathedral Court when she was eight. Soon afterwards, she announced to us that someday she would be a doctor. Today she is a licensed Internal Medicine specialist starting her third year as a Cardiology resident at the Ottawa Heart Institute.

Several of our closest friends are early Woodsworth families. Many will remember the Linteau’s, the MacMillan’s, the Henderson’s. No doubt there are many other friendship circles who share similar ties. We want to thank each neighbour who shared a smile, a conversation, and, most especially, those who gave time and effort to govern, manage and maintain the community.

In less than two months, we are moving just up the street to the corner of Jarvis and Lombard, so expect to see us in the neighbourhood. Downsizing has its challenges. In another part of the weekly are several items for sale, some uniquely useful to townhouse members.

It appears that the new family moving in will be the household of Shawn Ferguson. They are coming here from our old unit on Wilton St.
[originally published in the Woodsworth Weekly]


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