Life trashing before my eyes

Co-op recently informed us that our sewer is scheduled for replacement this coming week. To ease the pain of packing and re-locating the basement, they provided two assistants. I decided to tackle the task in advance of their help. Later this summer, Sue and I plan to downsize into a nearby condo. Determining detritus is a standard moving exercise. This time there is literally no room for error or unwanted sentiment.

During the past two days I scanned almost every book, file, and personal memento in my ‘archival collection’. For some sections I made wholesale stay or go decisions. Based on volume, about 20% will not make it to new quarters.

Each item returns memories, ideas, or names thought forgotten. We have lived and worked in two countries and countless communities. I wonder if a respect for the past is a pre-requisite for attachment or am I elevating other emotions and habits? Items once of sufficient value to shelve, file, and note go into recycling or into green bags. Records of yesterdays co-mingle with today’s trash in the truck’s hydraulic jaw and belly.

Gone now, and, no doubt, as forgotten as before with little chance of resurrection. More room for fresh perspectives and current materials. Hopefully past lessons will stay, albeit in a presence more felt than understood.


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One Response to Life trashing before my eyes

  1. mielniczuk says:

    (from previous Radio blog; saved as sent)
    i know that any school of value would welcome yr ‘DETRITUS’ pls let us discuss before and i know where they will be happy to give yr stuff box room if not tempo self so their lucky folks get to look yr stuff before it leaves town……mm
    mm • 3/28/03
    please post a stufflist:: yr basic bookmarks on/at are valuable trove yr naame is known… ??news of i’ve been putting off checking for an, now i just went,,no change since monday 21
    stufit list • 3/28/03
    the log ccontents comment box shows zero[0] under latest log entry including mine in a minute 534 now there will be 5
    stufit list •
    now it says 5 thank you why don;t you give us a few words about how preventativ o maybe yr busry in ontario with quarantine aboout how that is it that i can have the thought quite satisfactorily clear and find the expression so challenging..ecow
    stufit list •
    the 5 try splint knee uk plan deear s. yr current page minfder has corrupied yr links i’m sorry to say; fortunately i can teell you about it pronto when i click on one of yr titles: infokoans i want to reread it rather than see a photo of a b-board set-up or anything other than what i expect to get happy to see additional material via fresh links on given reprint page tipped to corrupy minfinder by floppytriangles aka tippypyramids whose rigid gyrations palled rapidly; i went back see if the tippees had learned to lookbeyond themselves yet: they are bound for glory of that i have no doubt nor that when they get to where they’re going to then the tunes of glory are gonna roll around the globe tuesday tuesday april bloddy fools’ day 03-06h PST chschs
    APAL • 4/1/03
    i will assume that nil response at this place to earlier evident concern about yr old note books means that some dealing may be afoot the opticverve site^^^ may reveal more detail but i prefer to begin immediately: will you lodge yr old notesndotes with an outfit that will begin publishing them as they stand, warts, scars, wounds and healings, learning, earning, arsing about;;;you might be the first in the s/w world to produce such useful fruit:: :you will not be the last to show that the sketchboolk of an artist may find analogy withships logs depending on gravity to balance that hat towards which our minds had been moving for some time
    stufit list • 4/1/03;
    to what end with regard to the hat?

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