Military Idustrial gravy train

The world’s largest military welfare state is demonstrating the awesome / murderous results of a foreign policy driven by a military-industrial complex that cannot afford diplomacy, multi-lateralism or any other path threatening its value perception. Aside from the obvious subsidization of research, development and production, the justification for spending levels that exceed comprehension, occasionally requires demonstration. Aggression with ammunition clears the inventory for the new and improved. And, of course, they will be improved.

In the everyday, each of us benefits from the ‘discoveries’ and ‘improvements’ coming from these cozy arrangements. Many others benefit from the jobs, opportunities and economies of the military-industrial complex.

This very medium comes from that relationship. Perhaps these channels and exchanges can lead to a new strain of democracy in which one person, not one dollar or one bullet, equals one vote.

I love America, its’ people, and honour those who fight and, sometimes, die for their beliefs or simply in protection of a comrade. Freedom has many expressions. At times, it requires forceful action to secure it.

All weapons of mass destruction must go. All purveyors of weapons of mass destruction must re-tool. All.


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