Two days of wrestling

Spent the better part of two days moving to a new Fujitsu Lifebook C. Prior to purchase, looked seriously at a desktop that had more storage, power, etc., but the multimedia capabilities of this unit, the brilliant screen and our eventual downsizing led me to this solution.

It’s been two years since I had to set up a working system for myself. After setting up the usual apps, had to carefully go over the old system to see what I really used and needed and what could be forgotten. I’m sure that months from now one or more decisions will be a regret.

The two days included careful reading of new documentation, testing, and two calls to Fujitsu support for clarification. Very nice built in ‘connect to support’ mailer that produced timely response and keeps a log of my interactions with them. I expect that most new users would spend considerably less time and attention.

Well, have to go back and see if the DVD is still working :)


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