Rembering and honouring Charlotte Sneyd

Charlotte was one of the most amazing community leaders I have ever worked with. She lived in Flemingdon Park. I met her as the chair of a community group starting Flemingdon Neighbourhood Services. She had earlier led the initiative to start the Flemingdon Health Centre, one of the province’s first, and the blueprint for the funding program that spun off many more across Ontario.

She was a pragmatic activist her entire life. When younger, her involvement with the Student Christian Movement in Toronto helped establish the Student Christian Movement Bookroom in Rochdale. After I left Flemingdon, she went on to start the North York Women’s Shelter. Charlotte served on countless community boards including the North York Interagency Council and Sunnybrook Hospital. And these are only a small slice of her achievements.

In her paid work life, she assisted Auditor, Phil Cowperthwaite. While I was at Web Networks we had the opportunity to reconnect during the annual audit. I still have a book she loaned me. Wish that she were here to return it.

Three years ago, in January, 1999, hundreds of her close friends said goodby at Gateway Community Church. Naming the community room at the Flemingdon Health Centre is one tribute to Charlotte Sneyd. This gesture is another. I am thankful for having known and worked with her.


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