Taxpayers and community volunteers pawns in political gamesmanship

Great to see the web as a platform for citizen voices. This group’s online petition asks for the removal of user fees that will make it impossible to promote volunteer-run community recreation.

In our ongoing battle of governments eager to shift costs onto another’s balance sheet, we have the absurd situation of community capital being siphoned to fight a squeeze play instead of helping kids and families have fun.

Lip service to volunteerism, social marketing of healthy lifestyles, and dire warnings about childhood obesity become horribly shallow as the same governments pull the rug out from the very people who are acting on these. The collapse of this group alone threatens to affect 2,000 youngsters.

Certainly we require wise use of public monies and accountability — not just for this budget but for future generations as well. Our increasingly narrow vision of what constitutes the bottom line is threatening the quality of life, and sometimes, safety. Groups, such as this, who push back should expect the support of recreation specialists, public health advocates, educators and everyone who understands the subtle and profound positive impacts of social networks such as this one.


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