Quick thoughts on school nutrition

Just read a comment about school based nutrition and was reminded of my days in elementary school in montreal during the 50’s. In the middle of each morning, we received a small half-pint bottle of milk. I believe there was a 2 penny charge, perhaps 3 if we wanted chocolate milk. Don’t know if this was related to milk marketing, good nutrition, or politically favourable policy. I do remember that we all looked forward to it and I’m sure it contributed a much needed mid morning energy boost. As for your question about how to promote and implement food security, the ‘simple’ but politically unfavourable answer lies in universality. Income and background notwithstanding, everyone receives a ‘snack’ or whatever is nutritionally appropriate. Once we move off a universal approach, eligibility, means tests, and other socially and economically discriminating measures must move in. Cleverness and creativity may minimize the negative impact of these. I just wish I had some to share.


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