Health choices and public policy

What does it cost to hold a war these days? How does that compare to the cost of health needs? This new web site came to my attention through Sam Lanfranco, Chair of the School of Analytic Studies and Information Technology at York University. It features well researched and highly accessible information about health and politics.

While most approaches to health put the burden on the individual to adopt a healthy lifestyle, this site looks at the choices we make as a political collectivity and the impact of these on health. It is unarguable that current structures, political and social arrangements are making the rich richer and the poor poorer. There is plenty of evidence to show that if you are poor, your chances for a healthy life diminish.

The site is still quite new, but it already has excellent features on health and Iraq, the politics of tobacco, and the politics of AIDS. They correctly identify the founding principle, “To learn is to change.”, as a belief. Sadly, too much contrary evidence still exists to move this beyond a matter of faith and hope.


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