Jane Addams and Hull House online

Those interested in the Social Welfare Policiy / Advocacy / Settlement House / Community Action roots of Social Work will appreciate this site from the University of Illinois at Chicago. Most of their new historical site is under development. It promises to bring access to some valuable source documents from this tradition. [Posted to SOCWORK]

The Scout Report Volume 9, Number 5 February 14, 2003
A Publication of the Internet Scout Project
Computer Science Department, University of Wisconsin

… Urban Experience in Chicago: Hull-House and its Neighborhoods, 1889-1963
Sponsored by the Jane Addams Hull House Museum and the University of Illinois at Chicago, this online project contains a variety of primary source documents, documentary photographs, and scholarly essays that explore the legacy of social reform movements in Chicago and the community’s history. There are several ways to proceed through the exhibit, though visitors may want to read the introductory essay in order to better understand the general layout of the site. Most of the substantive material on the site is contained within the 11 chapters that constitute the Historical Narrative section. Looking through any one of the chapters provides visitors with the opportunity to read a brief orientation essay, and proceed to a closer examination of the primary documents for a more multifaceted understanding of the social welfare and reform movements. Finally, there is a search engine for the entire database, which can be queried by author, keywords, date, and publication type. © 2002 Internet Scout Project


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