MIAG assessment

Thursday, January 23, 2003
There is a high degree of agreement among people who know MIAG that this organization is valued for its:

– Innovative responses to emerging community needs and opportunities in one of Canada’s fastest growing and changing regions.
– Culture of collaboration based on sharing leadership and resources.

They believe that most community groups, agencies and public officials in Peel Region would agree on the above values. Not to imply that there are no barriers to your community initiatives. Some noted:

– Some feel MIAG is larger, and therefore more resourced, than it actually is.
– Diminished support for community development work within settlement organizations.
– Increasing competition for scarce funding.

At the same time there are emerging positive indicators in the community:
– New groups emerging, often organized around faith communities of newcomers.
– Support for CD within mainstream public health, regional government, and educational institutions (thanks to B. Davis for pointing this out during recent phone call)
– Emphasis on the benefits of diversity to the community, business, and various social settings (recent Census information will continue to drive policy in this area)

MIAG understands Peel Region dynamics and communities. It is also in a unique position to work with the broadest range of leaders and resources in shaping the visions of groups, neighbourhoods, and interests.



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