What is Health Promotion?

Thought readers would be interested in how one relatively new internet accessible resource answers this question.

I tried a relatively new site, Google Labs, their self-described ‘technology playground’. One of more interesting responses came via the Glossary service.


The results were as good an introduction as any I read previously.

The Glossary service is only one of several ‘play spaces’. Another I would recommend, particularly as a display for Health Promotion organizations holding an open house or doing a visual presentation, is the Viewer.

Entering the phrase ‘health promotion’ into the viewer service produces an automatic display similar to one that once took us several hours to program during an OPC Open House in ’97.

[no longer available]

There are other interesting Google play spaces on that site where you can pursue your own experimentation. If these interest you, you might try them soon. As experimentation areas, they may disappear.


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